Economic Freedom for Workers

The war on workers is an attack on economic freedom.

My husband’s parents were both lifetime union workers. They were able to raise a family of three children and still retire in their early 60s only because they had the right to bargain for higher wages, better health care and predictable schedules. Young people entering the workforce today do not have the same ability because our government has stripped them of their economic freedom to collectively bargain with employers. Our legislature has weakened workers’ rights, leaving many of our district’s workers underpaid, under-insured and subject to schedules that shift from week to week. That makes balancing more than one job or raising a family difficult if not impossible. The rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness belong to the people and our government has long since forsaken that pledge by allowing corporations and big money to abuse our workers and spoil our lands and communities for profits for the few.  It is time we stand up and demand that the freedom and welfare of the people must be the supreme law of the land. I will fight for the rights of workers to unionize and bargain for higher wages and better working conditions.

Family Values

The District’s families are the backbone of our communities and their success is our success.

When my son was born I was only able to take off two weeks after his birth. Despite that I was fortunate because I was not returning to full-time work, but to law school where I was able to bring him with me. Many families have to make the heartbreaking choice to return immediately to work after the birth of a child and sacrifice crucial bonding and healing time because they cannot afford to stay home and care for their newborn baby. I want to ensure families have the tools to care for themselves.  But, when they stumble and fall our loving community should be there to help pick them back up.  I will fight for paid family leave, higher wages and expanded access to health care so every worker has the freedom to care for themselves and their families.  I will fight to ensure that every child that comes into this world is wanted, loved, and supported because no child chooses the family they are born into.  We all must look out for the children of our community and ensure they don’t just survive, but thrive because they are our future.

Investing in Our Future

Student looking into microscope

Our children are our greatest asset.

I have experienced the difference between an underfunded rural school and a well-funded suburban one. When my family moved from rural Alabama to suburban Indianapolis, I found myself nearly a semester behind in math in the eighth grade. The outdated text books and lack of resources at my childhood school did not allow me or my classmates to reach our full potential.

We should invest in every student by providing high quality education. Every community should be able to trust our state government to invest in our future, because our children are our future civic and business leaders.  We must provide quality education to all of our children, regardless of where they live by fulfilling the requirements of the foundation formula.

We also need someone who will protect, defend and enhance the University of Missouri, not attack it and tear it down. MU is a major economic engine of mid-Missouri and essential to keeping Missouri on the cutting edge of agriculture technologies.

Our Communities are the Heart of Missouri

Our economy depends on the success of all of our communities.

We understand the value of investing in our communities for the benefit of all.  The things necessary for our communities to thrive are not to enrich the few, but to serve the greater good.  And we know that if providing roads, quality education, or internet is purely for profit then our small communities, our rural communities will be passed over but their needs will not disappear, instead our communities and way of life will slowly disappear.  Recent corporate tax cuts, special interest giveaways and stagnating economic growth have left our rural and small town communities with infrastructure needs critical for growth and no funding to pay for them. Nearly 100 years ago the citizens of Missouri instituted the first gas tax by referendum to ensure all of our communities were connected by a state highway system. Today, we are watching our roads and bridges crumble and fall apart because of lack of funding. I will fight for funding for our roads and other critical infrastructure by opposing corporate tax cuts and special interest giveaways and advocate for a gas tax comparable to states bordering Missouri so we can fix our roads and grow our local economies.

Family Farms Feed Our Communities

tractor in field of lettus

Family farms are being attacked by corporate agribusiness and we must fight to save them.

Missouri has a long and honored history of family farms feeding our local communities good and wholesome products.  Our local farmers have been good stewards of the lands on which they live and work because the quality of the water and air around them directly affected the communities they call home.  In recent years, corporate agriculture operations, especially those owned by Chinese companies, have been buying up our beautiful land and running our local farmers out of business.  I will fight for country of origin labeling so our communities know where their food is coming from.  I will also fight back against concentrated animal feed operations that are poisoning our local communities and against the accumulation of land by foreign corporations that destroy our local communities for bottom line profits.